About - BanaAndBean

Mechanical Designer Turned Crafty Bag Designer Addict

I've been a mechanical designer at an Engineering firm for 10 years and have always felt like I was missing out on being craft. Finally with much persistence my best friend who owns Oh Loops talked me into joining the knitting world. I started knitting and instantly loved it. My oldest daughter and I decided it would be something we would do together. We started by taking a knitting class just to keep us accountable. After a couple of times of going to class with my knitting in a blue plastic bag I got from the fiber store and noticing the cute bags everyone else had I decided that I needed to purchase a bag for myself and my daughter. Once I bought one bag I wanted to have another and another. My main goal was to find bags that matched my knitting projects. My husband thought I was crazy. After talking to several people I realized I was not alone with this weird obsession of wanting things to match. The problem I was running into was that the matching obsession wasn't being met due to a lack of being able to find what I was looking for. It was then I decided to jump out of the box of my engineering world and put my mind towards creating my own bag. from there my shop was born. Bana stands for my youngest daughter Savannah who I call Banana. She is my but ball crazy girl who keeps me on my toes. Bean stands for my oldest daughter Isabella who I call Bella Bean. She is my artsy, super loving, carefree daughter. They both fill me full of love and inspire me each day and its with that love and inspiration I create my bags. I hope you all enjoy my bags created with love and inspiration and they inspire you in whatever you use them for.

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